Changing Careers from Accounting to Nursing


I started working in banking when I was 18. I landed a job at a large credit union and worked in the accounting department for eleven years. I unexpectedly lost my job in October 2010. I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration, and began working on a Master of Science in Accounting. But, after the first class, in which I earned an "A", I withdrew from the program. I am also tired of sitting at a desk all day and have a deep desire to help people, and to do something meaningful, and to feel like I accomplished something that matters at the end of the day. I have also considered nursing (and teaching in an elementary school), through the years. Unfortunately, my husband, sister (who is an LPN), and my friends are all very bold and tell me that they do not think nursing is for me because I am a germaphobe! I keep telling them my fears stem from the unkown, and if I learn more about what I am afraid of and face my fears I will overcome them. My desire to help people and to find fulfilling work outweighs my fear of germs. I just enrolled in a couple of the pre-requisite classes at my community college and I start in about ten days. I am nervous and excited about the classes! I am also worried that my family and friends will be right and I will somehow find that nursing is not for me. Does anyone have any experience with changing careers to nursing, and having started with a fear of germs? Did you overcome the fear? Were you happy with your decision to change careers? I would like any responses: both negative and positive experiences. Thank you!