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I just went on where I was able to take an online test to see what careers are best for me. I tried to stay away from answers that I knew would tie in with nursing while being honest in my answers. After completion: RN was a "good fit". Guess I'll stay in nursing! Wasn't planning on leaving just yet anyway.



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Dear Huganurse,

Look into the many areas that nurses can work to get a change of, research, community health....the list goes on.....

good luck



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Assessment tests can't tell you what careers are best for you, only you can.

As a former counselor (including career counseling), now an RN, I am very aware of the limitations of career tests. You are the best one to say what career is best for you.

Tests can say what you should do, based on whatever criteria the test maker decided were important. The more important question is: What do I want to do?

You might want to check out RN Career Change if you're thinking about a career change. It might change you mind, or give you the resources to make the change.

Good luck.

Guest KathyPolewski

Guest KathyPolewski

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If you're looking for a change of scenery, and working from home is you ideal situation, please feel free to contact me. I have been blessed to find a company that in one year, I have matched my 13 year nursing career, working from home. Most importantly, I am a full time Stay-at-Home mom, which I never dreamed would be a possibility for me.

Thanks, kathy.

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