Changes to the manitoba LPN program...does anyone know anything


I am a student accepted into the practical nursing program starting in march and I was wondering if anyone has heard about the possibe changes to the program. I heard they were changing it from a license program to a diploma program.


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Up until a few years ago, PN students graduated with a certificate rather than a diploma. A license is only granted after successful writing of the CPNRE.

Alberta and Ontario were the first to grant diplomas. The education is now based on a more traditional college semester system over two years and includes many of the first year Arts courses required for the BScN degree.

thank you for your reply, unfortunately i miswrote when i said changes to the license. I understand the license would not be changed only changes to the program itself becoming a diploma program instead of the current certificate program. My question was more if anyone knew when these changes were going to happen in manitoba. I have heard rumors about 2010 but no other information other than that. personally I think its a good idea.

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Maybe a better place to find the answer to your question is with the licensed practical nurses foundation of manitoba. You could contact them, find out the answer and get back to us with the information.



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