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Hey everyone! I graduated last June with my BSN and I am currently working in a combined mother/baby unit in the tristate area. After applying for countless jobs I was finally offered a spot on this unit. I was hired in September. So far I feel grateful that 1) I have a job and 2) I am on a "happy unit". With that being said there are still some issues at work, such as poor staffing, and lack of support. Many times I am not able to take a break and I might get 3 admissions a night and I am responsible for both mother and baby. It can be very stressful at times. I am beginning to wonder if this is the right specialty for me. I completed a extern program in the ER and I loved it. I have always been drawn to the technical and critical side of nursing. Med surg II was my strongest clinical semester and I was always amazed by what the body can do and how medicine and nursing could treat it. I feel that the unit I am on is patient educationheavy and lighter on the technical side of nursing. I almost feel as if I am missing out. Again I don't want to sound ungrateful for the job I have. When all is said and done it took me months to find a job and I am grateful I am earning money and have benefits. But I am just not sure this is where I really want to be. I am curious if any one else has experienced this as a novice nurse? If so what did you do and how did you prepare your self to make the move to another specialty? Just looking for any helpful tips, advice and encouragement. Thank you in advance. Ps I hope everyone had an awesome nurses week.

MIU skills nursing skills don't transfer well to med/surg or ER.

Talk to your charge nurse or unit supervisor. Hopefully they will be helpful. Give you some options or opportunities to float to different units within your current hospital.

If they don't offer any hope or help you may need to start applying at other hospitals in med/surg, ER, or even a float pool.

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