*** 12/7/2004: Change to the CE and Break Room forums***

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effective 1/2/2005:

the break room and current events forum posting ability has been added to our premium membership perks....see brian's announcement. karen

please note, allnurses.com so far has been a free e-community consisting of thousands of nurses from around the globe! we appreciate all of our members who have stuck it out with us all this time, we have grown tremendously over the years.

due to the cost of this community being so popular, we have been forced to implement some changes. while general membership is free and will remain free, allnurses.com is now offering an premium membership upgrade program.

certain perks are only available if you purchase a premium membership.

membership perks

  1. you will have a nice "premium member" logo under your username in every post. premium.gif
  2. photo gallery for sharing your photos with the community.
  3. personal journal (blog) for keeping either a private or public journal.*new
  4. the arcade - play fun games to pass the time.
  5. your pm (private message) box will increase in size, from 50 messages maximum to 500 maximum (inbox and sent items combined), and you'll have the ability to pm up to 30 buddies at once and message tracking.
  6. you'll get full access to a private "premium member" forums.
    • premium member forum
    • break room
    • current events

[*]avatars - cool pictures next to your username.

[*]you can choose to be invisible, and not show up in the who's online section

[*]you can have a custom title under your username

[*]signatures - you can have short comments at the bottom of all your post.

[*]you can upload attachments to your post, such as pictures or graphics

[*]post polls - create polls and get cool graphs with the results

[*]we will be adding additional features in the future as well.

[*]view who's online.

how much does it cost?

$24.00 for a one year membership (non student rate)

if you are a student, we are offering students a discounted rate of:

$15.00 for a one year student membership

we feel that the benefits we're offering for premium membership are a great value for you, and a great way to help us by supporting the site. if you're interested in signing up, please go here:


if you'd prefer to mail us a check or money order (please note, that this process will take longer to gain access to your membership), please make it payable to allnurses.com, and make sure to put your username either in the memo section of the check or attach note with username and send it to:

allnurses.com, inc

8930 177th street w.

lakeville, mn 55044


since the short notice, for those of you wanting to pay by check, if you have over 50 post and plan on sending in a check, you can pm me and i can grant temporary access to the premium features until check arrives.


brian short

allnurses.com administrator

to discuss this announcement, click here:


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