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October 2008 I received my eligibiltity notice for NCLEX-RN Exam with my old address, by that time I am not ready to take the NCLEX yet.

Now Im about to register with Pearson Vue and wait for ATT then take NCLEX exam. We just move out last month, just wondering do I need to call CA BON for my new address?

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I would contact the BON and sort out change of address, I think it has to be in writing but you could call them and check

Found this on their site

23. What should I do if I have a name or address change?

To ensure receipt of important notices, please notify the Board within 30 days of any address change. Also, please notify the Board immediately of any change in name or e-mail. Please note that your name must match EXACTLY in ALL of the following areas:

* Documents on file at the Board

* Registration at Pearson VUE

* Personal official identification

* Authorization to Test

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