Chances of being issued license with misdemeanor drug charge?

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Hi there,

I'm actually posting about my boyfriend (he is unable to ask right now and I'm over anxious and of course needing to ask in any place I can). My boyfriend is currently in the middle of a 2 year accelerated nursing program. He was set to start his last (4th) semester this past Spring, but ended up having to take time off due to money and family health issues. He became very depressed and began some not so healthy habits (smoking weed and abusing painkillers). After a month or so of this reckless behavior he felt straight up addicted (obviously) and began on suboxone treatment. Long story short he was picked up for speeding around March for going 20 over. The cop thought he was drunk so breathalyzed him and searched his car. He was not drinking and blew a 0.0, but the cop found an old small baggy with residue in it and told him he was going to run it for testing. We didn't think he really would, but he did, and it came up positive for oxycodone. This was a huge wake up call to him to adjust his coping mechanisms and get his head on straight.

He has since completed a 30 day inpatient rehab and continues outpatient counseling and meetings, the whole nine yards. He was charged with a misdemeanor and will be able to expunge it one year from the end of his probation which will be couple of months. He starts up the nursing program again in the Fall (that is if he can even get loans, which is another issue). He has one class in the Fall and then a full semester in the spring and graduates next May. I'm telling the whole story because I know it is a case by case basis.

But I'm curious what his chances are of being granted an Ohio license are? He was not actually enrolled in nursing school when he got the charge and has demonstrated sobriety since, but I know narcotics are a huge issue in the nursing world.

Should he go ahead and apply next May (at that point he will have shown 1 year of sobriety, no longer on probation, but still with the charge on his record), or should he wait to even apply until it is expunged? If he is denied this year, can he apply again after it is expunged or will it look bad?

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you

I have zero direct knowledge of such matters, only general life experience not involving drugs or legal trouble. So take this for what it's worth. I'm only responding because so far, no one else has after 163 views. (Consider that sometimes silence speaks volumes.)

With such a serious offense, I'd say err on the side of caution and wait until the record is expunged. I don't know what questions he'll be asked, though. I'm certainly not advising lying. He's not in a good situation.

Maybe you'll get replies from those with more specific knowledge. Good luck to you both and keep your nose clean! I hope he has truly learned his lesson, as obviously nursing involves access to medications of all types. I don't mean to sound so negative, but it is what it is.

If I'm totally off base (and I may be), someone else please chime in.

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