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Chances of getting into a BSN? Florida

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I currently have a 3.75 GPA, and a 4.0 prereq GPA with everything finalized. Currently taking General Chemistry I and Lab to make myself more competitive and have a 97% in the class. Unfortunately, I didn't study as much as I needed for the ATI TEAS, and I'm foreign so I received an 80.7%. I got a 72.3% in the reading section, 84.4% in the math, 89.4% in the science and 79.4% in the language usage section. I am aware that my TEAS score i not as competitive for the bachelor's level and I wanted to receive the perspective of people, especially people who know about USF, UCF and FGCU which are my primary schools of interest in Florida. Having USF as my top choice, and fortunately them not requiring the TEAS.

I have been very afraid of not getting into nursing school, specially hearing how competitive the bachelor's level is, and losing sleep over it.

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Why don't you consider the SCC (Seminole) or VCC (Valencia) programs? They have a nursing program where you complete your ASN and concurrently complete the RN to BSN program at UCF.

A.S., Nursing Program - Seminole State College of Florida

Degree Programs - School of Nursing - Valencia College

HCC (Hillsborough) also has a program where you can transfer into the BSN program at USF:

Nursing - Hillsborough Community College - HCC

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Thank you for your help! I consider my grades are high enough to be able to go into the bachelors level. I prefer to go straight into that because my goals are to go into the master's level and I already have 100 college credits so I dont want to continue wasting time. I could always retake the TEAS and I know I could get a higher score with more time to study, which I will have in the case its better I retake the test. But my primary school of choice doesnt require the TEAS either.

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