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Chances of getting accepted in City Tech

I will be applying to City Tech Nursing program for Spring 2017. I have a prerequisite GPA of 3.2, overall GPA 3.7 and teas score was an 80%. One of my prerequisites I received a C will that hurt my chances of getting in? Thank you!!

The criteria changes every semester. I guess it just depends on the pool of applicants. My overall GPA is a 3.6 and my pre req GPA is a 3.5. I got a 74.7% on my TEAS, Im so scared about that

You should be fine I think. All those grades a way beyond their requirements. My prerequisite score is what scares me.

I'm applying to the program for the spring 2017 semester as well. My pre req gpa is 3.5, and i received a C in one of those courses, so im nervous about admission too. I took the Teas exam this Friday the 18th. Im still waiting for my results. Did you apply already?

I hope so. It's scary because you don't know what grades your competing against. You received an 80, so I think you should be fine

I got a 77 on the TEAS. I'm going to apply right away! GOODLUCK to all of us!! Lol

I handed in the application the other day and asked the guy what his opinion was. He said the teas score helps a lot! Didn't help take any of the anxiety away tho

From what I heard GPA really matters. I mean I think he's there to cool down students' stress lol. I think they weigh the both of them, and compare it to other students who are applying. You just have to stay positive, because you never know.

It depends on the competitiveness of the students applying that semester.The most important thing is the prereq gpa and overall gpa, I believe.This how it goes>>they take everyone who receives the schools average score on the teas that applied(please if you did not get that average don't bother applying because they won't look at anything else because the teas is the first step, like a ticket) and then the guy enters your name and A&p,Psy,Math and english scores into the computer.Now i believe only 72 seat are available.The computer arranges the scores from high prereq GPA down and the ova all gpa,They go from highest 4.0 and down.So let say after selecting, only 2 seats left with three way tie gpas; now they take other factors into consideration like your teas scores,science strength,over all gpa etc i hope this makes sense(hard to explain).If you receive a thick envelope you got in and if the envelope is thin then don't give up.This is what i know from spring 2016 acceptance.Oh yeah,getting a C in a course like english, I think is fine but science needs to be up.Also be aware math 1275 is 4 credits(more points for high math) and quantitive math is less credit.Good luck everyone!

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Thank you so much. This helped a lot!.. I didn't do so well on the science section of the TEAS but did great in the Nathan's the other sections, will that hurt my chances?.. And also will they calculate in this terms GPA even after you've taken every requires course?

It's hard to give a definitive answer. I remember one semester they took in a student with a 3.4 prereq GPA, and then the next two semesters they didnt take anyone below a 3.6. Your passing TEAS score allows your application to be on the committee's desk initially, and then if there are 2 students that got an 80 on TEAS but one got 3.6 prereq GPA and the other person got 3.5, the one with the 3.6 GPA will get accepted. Weight is on your prereq GPA.

So is Math 1190 4 credits or 3.I ask because it says 4 credits on the application but the class itself is a 3 credit class so I am kinda confused 😐😐.


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