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Hey guys,

Wanted some honest feedback. This will be my first round applying, DNP and MSN programs.

A little background: 27 y/o female currently working in CTICU (since Feb, not taking "fresh" heart cases yet", but worked in Level 2 trauma center med-surgical ICU before that, since August 2016. Have 1.5 year tele/stroke floor experience prior to that. I was pre-med biology with chem minor in undergrad, 3.56 gpa (but C+ in orgo 1 and 2, physics 2 and biochemistry). A's in gen chem, physics 1, micro, A&P 1&2...All while playing a Division 1 sport. I then went to an accelerated BSN program, 3.96 gpa (As except an A- in pharm). I have 30+ hours shadowing CRNA experience, am on 2 nursing councils in my hospital, have my CCRN, am a preceptor, was nominated for a nursing excellence award last winter. Did research in college and have an abstract published. I have LORs from our trauma PA, one of my charge nurses and a teacher from my first degree.

Im nervous about these Cs and now I know it's late -- but should I retake these courses? Is there anything else you could suggest to boost my chances?

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Your GPA should get you an interview and then you can explain your background. I think you are a good candidate assuming your GRE scores are solid.

Verbal is 160, quant 158 and writing 4.5

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Great GRE scores, you are a strong candidate academically.

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You should have no trouble solidifying interviews. You have much going for you to overshadow those C's...

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