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How's it going everybody? I hope y'all are having a great year so far! Anyways, I just wanted to get some opinions on my situation right now. So my first and second semesters here at the U of A were great. In other words, I made a 3.538 for the first and a 4.0 in the second. So a difference of a 3.793 gpa for the year. So now coming back my first semester was alright I originally had 12 credits, but I dropped A&P I because I had chemistry back to back and I found out later that A&P had to be the # 1 priority and that wasn't helping my chemistry grade. In the end I made a 3.3 gpa with 9 credits. Currently, I have 12 credits again and am pretty sure I can 3 a's, but I'm somewhat sure that I can be able to pull an a in my public health class. The only thing I'm worried about now is that my chemistry grade this semester might end up being a C. I didn't do as well as I did last semester because it was conceptual based. Anyhow, my concern is that if my C in this semester's transcript will have a detrimental effect to my overall application. I conctaced my advisor along with the advisor for the College of Nursing here at the U of A. Here is what they said:

From College of Nursing senior advisor:

Hello Kevin,

We have a BSN Check sheet that we give students to fill out to help you track your progress towards professional admission. I've attached it to this email. A cursory look at your course history looks like yes, all that you have left to complete are PSIO 201, 202, MIC 205A, and Statistics. Your cumulative gpa is strong, so keep up the good work. You can find GPA calculators online that can help you figure out your current prerequisite gpa. Overall, you look like you are doing well and will be able to apply in a couple of semesters.

Have a great day,

Hi Kevin,

One C should not be too bad, but it's difficult to say. It all depends on your overall application and how it compares to the rest of the applicant pool. I think that if the rest of your grades are strong you will be fine, but there is no way to guarantee one way or another.

From pre-nursing advisor:

You have so many prerequisites left to take, I can't say for sure - so much depends on how well you do in your remaining four prerequisites (Lifespan, PSIO I and II, Microbiology). Right now, if you make a "C" in CHEM 101b, your prerequisite GPA will not be great, but it will be within the minimum requirement (you'd have a 3.15 - 3.2 in prerequisite courses so far with a "C" in chem). Your grades in your remaining prerequisites could certainly boost that.

At any rate, you'd either have to retake chemistry this summer or probably wait until Spring 2013 to do so, when you're applying to Nursing. Retaking it is 100% your call - it's just too soon to say what your GPA will look like in prerequisites since you have almost 15 units of prerequisite credit left to complete.

Hi Kevin--

It's not the end of the world to get a "C," but it obviously doesn't look good per se. I've seen students get admitted with a "C" or even two "C" grades before, but the rest of their grades in the sciences were pretty much A's.

You can always retake the chemistry course if you like.

Sorry for the long read guys. I'm just wondering what you all think because I hate getting c's. Thanks to all!

One last thing, I made an A in Bio181 last summer at a local community college and I'm planning on making up A&P this summer to catch up.


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That's a tough decision, have you decided if you are going to retake Chem?