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I am going back for my RN to BSN @ Chamberlin college . Does anyone have a good experience in their online RN to BSN program? Does anyone know if I can transfer to any school to get my masters later on? I know it is expensive, but how were the instructors? was it doable? Thanks .

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I also wanted know about this school. I wanted know about their BSN to MSN degree program. Some feedback from someone would be appreciated.

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RN Sera,

I am currently attending Chamberlain RN to BSN. I had to complete a few gen ed classes and all the nursing. Yes, you can transfer for an MSN as will be doing so next year. The school is accredited. The instructors seem to care about my education. They assist with any questions I have and provide feedback. The nursing classes have no tests, however, there are discussions every week and at least 2 projects. I am a Flight Nurse/Paramedic and work two 24 hours shifts a week. I have taken 2 classes over most all the 8 week semesters. It is a lot of work but duable. If you have to take stats- take it by itself unless you are a great at math. I took it by itself and made an "A", but it was hard. Worse comes to worse try one class at first, just to get your feet wet.

As for the school. They are FOR PROFIT. I had to drop a class due to an injury and they charged a fee for dropping it, which was out of control. I do like that the books are books that can be downloaded and accessed with a smart phone.

Best of Luck