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I just joined today and I have read some posts on Chamberlain College but I thought I would get more opinions and advice. I am currently looking into either going to Chamberlain College of Nursing or a Community College. I am so confused on where to go. I am a single mom to my 3 year old son and I am looking at going fulltime and to get done the fastest way possible. I have been looking into Chamberlain a lot and it seems like the best fit for me but its so expensive. Would I benefit more from going to Chamberlain or is it best to go to a community college and be put on a waitlist once i'm done with my pre recs? For those who are students at Chamberlain, how do you like it so far?


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Although I am not a mom, I was in your position a few years back as well! I started my prereqs almost 4 years ago-which took me 2 years to finish and then I waited another 2 years to start the nursing program-which I begin this fall. Here's my advice...(take it as you will)

After extensive amount of research and planning I decided to go with the community college RN program for these reasons:

1. Cost (The average cost of schooling for the RN program is 71 dollars a credit at the community college level which makes the whole program under $10,000)

2. Cost of Program vs. Pay as RN: If I were to go to a private school to get my RN at the AA level or BSN level I was looking at 40,000 dollars for a AA degree, then to come out making 23-28 dollars or an hour- which is the about same amount I would make with a BSN as an RN, only a BSN would be around 60,000 plus dollars for private school (i.e. chamberlain)

I can understand in your situation wanting to finish school ASAP! However, it may work out to your advantage to consider these factors.

1. The community college program has a wait list-however-they've changed alot of their pre-reqs to co-reqs so you can apply sooner and while you are waiting you can take the "co-reqs". Which takes about a year plus anyway.

2. If you wait a few years your son will be "school age" so you can go to school while he's in school and not pay for full time day care.

3. Once you're finished with your studies you won't have a huge amount of debt to deal with, many hospitals will pay portions of your loan if you sign a contract too!

4. If you want to get your BSN after you go to the community college-many hospitals have "bridge programs" which they pay for you to get your BSN.

5. You can also get a jump start on nursing school by getting your LPN through Maricopa Skill Center, then you can apply for advanced placement in the RN program at any of the community colleges and get in faster because you will start at block 3 rather than block 1.

I hope this HELPS!


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Personally i would not go to Chamberlin. I have been to the campus and spoke with them about applying. My Family lives is St Louis Mo (where the origional Chamberlin is located) whom some of them are in the medical field. There advice to me was to not go there. They have a bad reputation in St Louis. Plus it is a "trade" school who takes people right out of high school and then they graduatie in 3 years with BS in nursing. With all other schools it is 2 years of pre req's, 2 years of wait time, and 2 years of nursing school. Also take a good look at there graduating percents. They were from 1999! I also work in a doctors office and i come across many doctors, and they all say to just stick with a Community College or a University because it would be worth it in the long run. That is just my opinion, and what many doctors and medical professionals have told me. Just please do your research before applying to a trade school because it might not be worth it.