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Am new on this site but have read a few comments from others that are quite helpful.Am currently an LVN and thinking of getting my BSN,I have searched for schools in Maryland and Virginia areas. i have come across Chamberlain university of nursing in Arlington,VA.I would love to know if its a good place to attend...


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Chamberlin is a for profit school. This means that the school exists primarily to make money for its shareholders. I would definitely research your local community college which will be much more affordable.

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Hi, I'm also looking into Chamberlain. I will be attending their open house tomorrow.

I do know that they are a for-profit school but I'm not sure one should turn away from those institutions completely. I do however think you should get as much work done as possible as a community college to lower your cost. Obviously you can't get a BSN from a CC but taking some pre-reqs and core classes will lower it. I've been looking into more info about the college as well as far as the program and rate of employment afterwards so if I find out anything I'll let you know.

I would very much appreciate it if you let me know what you find out.Am looking into the CC as well.Sorry for the delay in replying muldrowtl


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I don't think CC being a "for profit" school has anything to do with their education. They're a private institution and with private institutions come pricey tuitions. Just like Marymount University, which is actually more expensive than CC. After attending the open house I was really impressed with what they had to offer. Their lab simulators were great. The open house took you through a tour and you got to speak with financial aid reps, some of the professors and deans, and then with a rep to go over transfer credit (if you brought your unofficial transcript). I would say get as many pre recs done at the community college as well as some transfer credits like statistics, sociology, etc and then you basically can start in the nursing. I also got a chance to speak with some of the students attending there and good things. I wouldn't cross it off the list if ur wanting to go for BSN, especially just for it being a private institute.

Thanks.Am looking forward to take some classes CC soon and then move on from there.Would like to really get my BSN done.