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I just got accepted into the May 2023 session, has anyone else got accepted yet? I want to create a group chat.

Specializes in Two years 911 Emt, two years Trauma tech.

Hey! Hopefully I'll know soon if I get in or not, but if I do I'd love to join your group! 

Specializes in Two years 911 Emt, two years Trauma tech.

I got accepted! I guess I'll be seeing you In may! Haha 


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Congratulations!!!🎈 can't wait 


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Hi everyone,

I got a packet on mail stating I was accepted for May cohort 3 weeks agobut I haven't heard anything about enrollment process and drug screening.. has anyone started the enrollment process for May ? My advisor haven't got back to me. 

Specializes in Two years 911 Emt, two years Trauma tech.

Hey lilie! Yeah I start in May as well and just finished my drug screen, background check and finger printing last week. If I were you I would call the main office and see if they can get a hold of your advisor and let them know to contact you ASAP. Also, I would email your advisor and call them until they answer. Unless I have a scheduled meeting with them they're extremely difficult to get a hold of. But I hope this helps, I'm sorry they haven't gotten back to you yet :(

hopefully you hear from them soon! 

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There are two approved ways to create a special place for your cohort.

One: create a facebook page. This link may be posted.

Two: Premium members may create a "club" by clicking on the Breakroom link in the yellow bar to the left of this page. Then click on "Create A New Club" in the green bar at the top of the page, and follow instructions.

References to other than these two avenues will be moved from view, to comply with the Terms of Service.

  Thank you.

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