Chamberlain Sacto Admission Process


Hi all.

I am about to apply for Chamberlain in Sacramento. This summer and upcoming fall semesters I am finishing my anatomy and physiology courses at a community college to save money. I have a couple questions for anyone who has been through their admissions process. (I have emailed an advisor but she hasn't gotten back to me. Maybe because I haven't coughed up a dime yet?)

1. Should I wait until my grades are reflected on my transcript before applying at all? Do they accept "in progress" courses when considering applications?

2. Will I have enough time to apply for their January trimester if I wait until mid-December when my grades officially post? Or should I just focus on the May trimester with my time frame? That may take some pressure off me...

3. Do they administer the HESI themselves or should I look into taking it somewhere else and just providing them with my scores? Also, how close are the HESI and TEAS exam for anyone who's taken both?

Thanks so much in advance!