Chamberlain Rn-BSN. Classes at a time?

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Hey i just recently started with chamberlain and i'm currently taking NUR351. next semester i want to boost the number of classes to take per a session. i want to do 2 each session but is it possible to do 3 for each session? has anyone done this or do you guys discouraged it? any help will be appreciated. thank you. also is there any order i should be taking these classes? i wonder could i celp? Thanks everyone!

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I did 3 classes a couple semesters when I attended Chamberlain but I wasn't working at the time. I found it doable. You just have to stay on top of the assignments. Good luck!


thanks so much for the reply. i'm finding it to be very difficult. i'm taking my first class, nur 351 and they teacher is killer. i feel so dumb and clueless. maybe its just me. APA isnt my thing.

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