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Hey guys

I recently got admitted to chamberlain and will be starting during the fall in september. I was just looking for anyone else who would be starting with me. I was looking for a Facebook group or something I could join to form connections with everyone in my entry term but there were none - so id figured I'd start one here!

Anyone else starting in september 2018? It'd be cool if we could all know of one another and possibly form some study groups


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Congrats on your acceptance! I have moved your post to the Chamberlain forum so you can hopefully connect with others. :)


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Hey! I will be starting this fall also and was unable to find any sort of cohort group on facebook. I'll see you then!


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Hi I'm trying to apply for fall 2018 what was your gpa and Hesi score? My gpa at the moment is border line 2.74 and Hesi score is 80% I applied I am suppose to hear back next week hopefully I get accepted


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This will be my second degree so my college GPA is a 3.2 and HESI score was an 83%. Good luck!!


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I was admitted into the program for fall 2018 as well! See you all then!


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Any updates on the program?


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Hi anyone already in chamberlain program? How was the first semester and what’s classes did you take? As well how was the schedule?