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Chamberlain Fall 2020 Irving TX


I’ve created this article for anyone who’s planning on attending chamberlain college of nursing at the Irving, TX location for fall of 2020! I didn’t see any threads for this location and school year posted yet. I recently failed my previous ADN program. I had already used my 1 repeat attempt on med surg so by the time I failed OB (by 1.5) points, the dean dismissed me from the program. Is anyone else in the same position? I was told I would get around 44 credits transferred. I’m waiting for my formal transcript evaluation. After that they will give me the specifics on what exactly transferred and my next steps. I hope I’m not alone! I’m honestly excited on starting over because I know I will do so much better! I made it all the way to pediatrics and OB. I was supposed to graduate this December but I’ve accepted it and moved on 😊

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I recently started in the Fall of 2019 after being in your exact same position. So with Chamberlain because you came from your ADN program they will not accept any nursing classes you did over at your old program. All the nursing classes you will have to take again. (I Know it sucks I kinda complained about it a lot) I am now due to graduate in November 2021, and I am starting Med-Surg 1 which is where I failed out in my last program. Overall, Chamberlain is not a bad college, currently everything is online due to Covid but I would say it is not a bad second option


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Hello! Is this a private school & how expensive is it, compare with UTA or TWU, is it easier to get in than the mentioned?

it's a private school