Chamberlain college vs. American Sentinal


I am a diploma nurse of 28 years. I am looking at starting on line classes for my BSN. I was accepted at American Sentinal and Chamberlain College. I am having a hard time choosing which program to do. Chamberlain is more expensive, but I can be done in 14 months if I take 2 classes at a time. I need 51 credits for American Sentinal and it could take 3 years. I have co workers who got their BSN from American Sentinal and would help me if I need help. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me chose? Is anyone familiar with these 2 on line programs? I'm not sure if I can handle 2 classes at a time. I have been out of school a long time and I am married with one child starting high school this fall. I am also worried about writing papers, I always had problems with writing papers. Help!!

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I feel your pain! I am in a very similar situation returning to get my BSN I decided to go with Chamberlain mainly because I can get it done faster. I started in May taking two classes. It is very manageable. I work full time and have kids at home. Once you get over the initial jitters you will be back in the swing in no time!