Transitions in Professional Nursing course

  1. Hoping anyone who has taken this class can help me. I am hoping to start the online RN-BSN program in July (granted I pass boards). I'm thinking I can only handle one class a session with a full-time job and a family. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and wind up failing both courses or risking my GPA. Anywho...I'm curious about how easy/hard the TPN class is because if it's pretty much a filler class to satisfy credits/accreditation, then I think I could handle taking 2 classes that session.

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  3. by   jjPedsRN
    Hi Jerseygirl,
    I have not taken the class yet but I am starting that same class July 9th. I know several nurses who have taken and finished with their BSN there and that is a very easy class in comparison to the others. I was going to start Sept 3rd since my kids are now out for the summer but the counselor I talked to assured me that I would be able to work full time, enjoy my summer and take this class. He also said that most nurses did not use the book it suggests. I am taking just the one class since its my first just to get the feel for it. If you are just coming out of being in school full time, 2 classes will probably be no problem for you. I hope I helped a little
  4. by   JerseyGirl13
    Thanks for the reply! After talking to my advisor, I'm going to take Cultural Considerations in Nursing with the Transitions class. I really wanted to take Algebra with it instead, but she didn't advise it. I'm really nervous about doing 2 classes at once, especially while working full-time and caring for a family, but it'll take me 2 years if I do just 1 at a time. I don't want to wait that long. I hate school!
  5. by   jjPedsRN
    I want to get started but I have a full family, work full time and now that the kids are out for the summer, I am having second thoughts about starting now rather that Sept 3rd. That little voice keeps saying, "just do it". As much as the ppl at CHamberlain tell me it will be managable to to this first class, part of me thinks that they are just trying to get the "sale". I have 13 classes to take which pretty much equals $26k...just sick about that
  6. by   jjPedsRN
    I am going to take Econ and my history class at my local community college and save 4k. They offer them online as well.
  7. by   JerseyGirl13
    I've heard that the Transitions course is pretty easy, too...the easiest actually. I think you will be just fine taking just that class in July with everything else going on, but ultimately that's up to you. I have 13 classes to take as well, and I'm a bit upset that my Health Assessment and Cultural Anthropology classes already taken won't satisfy theirs. I told my advisor I want a reevaluation. I heard their Econ is a nightmare so I will probably be taking that alone one session. I'm not taking any classes elsewhere only because I've been doing that the past couple years and am a bit burnt out. Good luck with everything! You can do it!
  8. by   jjPedsRN
    Thanks! I think I am just going to discipline myself and DO IT.... Have you paid and signed up for July 9th? I researched a lot of online colleges (exhausted of it all), and even though Chamberlain is most expensive per credit, most of my credits transferred over which means less classes to take. Other schools wanted me to re take Anat & Physio and I had a good grade. Definately challenge and question the classes they want you to take because it will be well worth it if you dont have to take as many classes. 8 weeks closer to your BSN!
  9. by   JerseyGirl13
    Good decision! I really wish I could be one of those people who can juggle many classes at once while working full time and caring for a family, but I'm not and recognizing that isn't a bad thing. Don't want to be crabby around my family 24/7. I haven't paid for anything yet because I actually don't take boards until next week (July 3). Eek!! I'm soooo nervous. I really wish that graduating school automatically makes you licensed, lol. Is surviving nursing school not enough for them?
  10. by   macprogirly
    Hey is it labeled NR101? Cause if so that class is almost a joke! you definitely could do it. I go to chamberlain now..
  11. by   JerseyGirl13
    I believe so, but I'm taking the online RN-BSN program. Trying to figure out which classes are best to take each session to help me survive, while working and caring for a family at the same time. I was thinking of taking Algebra with Transitions if it's as easy as everyone says, but advisor suggests Cultural Diversity. How far in are you? Advice?
  12. by   jjPedsRN
    Its NR 351 I believe.. @mac-- what are you enrolled in at Chamberlain? RN to BSN? @Jersey--I would love to take more classes at once to get it done faster, but I am not sure which ones to pair up with each other either. I think the Algebra is a good choice to pair up with transitions. I heard its easy but busy work. no "Papers" due, just working out the math problems..
  13. by   jjPedsRN
    and I wish you the best at your boards Jerseygirl! Once that is out of your way, you can relax a bit and NEVER EVER have to take those again!
  14. by   JerseyGirl13
    Amen! Transitions for RN-BSN online is indeed NR 351. I just don't understand why my advisor is trying to convince me otherwise...maybe because the Algebra isn't so bad and it is ok to be teamed up with Assessment? Idk...I still need to do the Math Assessment and hope to God I don't have to take the lower class first. I've taken Beg and Intermed Algebra before but not College Algebra, so it didn't count.