Chamberlain Online FNP Fall 2016

  1. Hello everyone,
    Well I recently finished my BSN and applied to the online FNP program at Chamberlain. I have heard many pros and cons of this program, but overall I have definitely heard more positive things about it. Anyways, looks like I may be starting this October or January, and I am wanting to see if anyone from CA is in the program and/or has graduated and able to sit for the boards. I believe that as long as the school has accreditation you can sit for the boards in CA, but I may be wrong. I also wanted to start networking to see if there is anyone starting around the same time! Thank you!
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  3. by   Buyer beware
    OP: I'm interested in how the program will assist in finding the approximately five preceptors you will need at the final third of the program?
    Also do they make you sign an "arbitration agreement" as a condition of enrollment?
    Have you looked into other schools to do a tuition cost comparison?
    Have you asked your enrollment rep what their online graduation rate is for first time enrollees? (on a year to year basis)
    Can they give you the retention rate for first time enrollees? (on a year to year basis)
    I believe the answers to these quality measuring questions would encouage the active discourse you desire and help promote thoughtful evaluation of the program for you and others who may be considering this for-profit school that I agree does have its pros and cons.
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