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  1. Hello All, I am in week 6 of my classes with Chamberlain. I'm finishing up my last gen. ed. class with DeVry (SOC350) and so all I'll have left are nursing courses (woohoo). I found that along with discussions, the cultural diversity class has been alot of busy work, but the Transitions nursing class has been an enjoyable breeze.

    Next semester I'll need to take three nursing courses together so that I may graduate on time in June 2013. I've never taken three classes in 8 weeks before, but I've also never taken two classes in eight weeks online before (this semester was my first) and I must say, I've done quite well :-). So, for those of you who've experienced taking more than two classes, and those of you who've taken classes beyond Transitions, What classes did you find to be the most challenging and created the most busy work? Next semester, I'd like to take two of the busiest nursing courses along with a third class that isn't quite as busy. So, what are you suggestions?? Thanks a bunch!!
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    My sister just got admitted into the chamberlain school of nursing, atlanta. The school is yet to be accreditted in Georgia, although it is federally accreditted and accreditted in several states. My question is will she be able to work in Georgia and go for her post graduate in other schools in georgia?
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    I understand that Georgia only recognizes institutions which are accredited. Georgia won't accept an application for licensure if one obtained their nursing education from a non-accredited institution.