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  1. Hi all, I've been accepted into the May 2018 start at Chamberlain BSN. Any feedback about schedules, classes and clinical are much appreciated.
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  3. by   chedl
    Hi Bekkah. I too have applied for May 2018, but I have not received a letter or a call yet. May I ask when you applied and how long it took for you to get accepted?
  4. by   Snemati34
    How was the HESI ? I'm planning to take it next month.
  5. by   kharalson
    I just found out I got accepted into the program for Fall of 2018. I am super excited. I'm moving from Sacramento to Las Vegas this summer to attend.
  6. by   ThinkPink111
    Hey Kharalson! I also got accepted for Fall 2018! I'm also moving from California to Vegas with my family. Hope to see you soon
  7. by   kharalson
    Yay!!! That's awesome! Did you transfer any credits? When is your pre enrollment meeting? Mine is this month on the 19th.
  8. by   ThinkPink111
    Yes I'm transferring basically everything but the nursing courses! My meeting is on June 20th we will miss each other by a day but hopefully we will be in some classes together! Did you transfer credits over?
  9. by   kharalson
    I'm transferring a ton too. I still have to take A+P, but that's it! Man... Only a day! Too bad. I hope to see you this fall!
  10. by   KaitFutureNurse
    Hey guys! I'm from Northern California too, anxiously awaiting to hear if I'll be accepted to the Las Vegas campus , decision is today! How was your guys GPAs and HESI? Does anyone know the Las Vegas typical statistics? I was denied from Sacramento campus last week, super nervous.
  11. by   kharalson
    Hi! I was denied from the Sacramento campus last year and decided to just focus on Las Vegas this year. I got accepted in the first round of applicants. My GPA was a 3.1 and my HESI score was a 92 overall. I also have an AS degree and have been a medical assistant for 7 years. I don't know if the extra stuff made a difference, but it didnt hurt it either. I'm not sure on statistics. It seems to be lower than the Sac Campus though. I just had my pre enrollment meeting and have a lot to start on with compliance. Good luck and let us know if you go in. We seem to be starting a Cali Club on here. Haha
  12. by   ThinkPink111
    My GPA was a 3.4 and I got a 90 on the HESI and I also have two associate degrees and hospital volunteer experience. Let us know if you get in! Student orientation is August 17 hope you get in so we can see you there I'll be moving that week to Vegas from So Cal
  13. by   ThinkPink111
    Kharalson do you have a Facebook we can keep in touch? I would like to see what classes you are taking the first session
  14. by   kharalson
    I do. Kayla Haralson on Facebook. It will show up for Sacramento.