Chamberlain Jan 2019 Atlanta

  1. Hello
    im applying to Chamberlain for the January start date just looking for anyone who may be also applying for tha start date.
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  3. by   Alicerose
    I'm applying as well.
  4. by   shanekquarenaaa
    Have you already taken the HESI
  5. by   Alicerose
    Yes I got a 84% so fingers are crossed. My GPA is 3.67. What about you?
  6. by   shanekquarenaaa
    I have a 3.5 GPA . But I didn't do as well as I had hoped on the HESI . I made a 76% I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed .
  7. by   Alicerose
    Mine's wasn't too much higher than yours. We scored above the 73, so I think we're pretty good to get in
  8. by   Alicerose
    That test was challenging though.
  9. by   shanekquarenaaa
    Hopefully so . When did they say you will know if you got in or not ?
  10. by   Alicerose
    She said sometime next week. The waiting process is pure agony.
  11. by   shanekquarenaaa
    Yes I know hopefully I find out next week as well.
  12. by   BlessednurseBSN
    Hello beautiful soon to be great nurses!
    I'm also waiting on a decision for the January 7th start date. I scored a 77 on the HESI, didn't really study for a long time due to work. I was offered a 2nd attempt but refused because I would've taken the whole test again. My gpa is decent. I'm completely done with all my prerequisites. If anyone still needing to complete prerequisites, give GMC a try. 8 weeks sessions. I loved the lab at Chamberlain and really have heard that chaimberlain nurses are highly skilled. What have you heard about chaimberlain nurses in the Atlanta area. I wish you all blessings.
  13. by   Alicerose
    I heard that they get employees at the best hospital s in Atlanta. A 77 is beyond a 73.
  14. by   NeoNatMom
    We are GPA twins. How was the test? Especially the sciences??