Chamberlain for BSN?

  1. I didn't do too well at my community college. I have been taking prerequisite classes for BSN. Should I try applying at Chamberlain and try again if I get accepted? Or should I try again at the community college I am at. How hard is it over there? Is it a good idea to stay or transfer? I need some advice. Thanks!
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    Moving to the Chamberlin Nursing Program forum.
  4. by   starlightmoon
    Can someone give me advice if I should just go finish my asn in the community college, or transfer for next semester into Chamberlain? Please let me know thank you.
  5. by   Meriwhen
    I have no experience with Chamberlain. I do, however, have experience with getting a ADN.

    The advantage of getting that ADN is that you will have clinical experience (not sure how Chamberlain works on that), you can be licensed and start gaining work experience sooner, it may be cheaper than going to Chamberlain, and you can apply for the RN-BSN program and go at your own pace.
  6. by   Kdrenee
    There are alot of factors here that mostly depend on your personal situation. Chamberlain is a great school, but it is expensive. I am finishing my pre-reqs (every single one of them) at my CC and then going to Chamberlain. I want my BSN. When I graduate, I don't want to have to go back to school and bridge to BSN, but if I did not have the finances to do this you bet I would get my ASN first!

    Another good thing about Chamberlain is, there are not wait lists! Alot of CCs have wait lists. There are also 2 start dates each semester!! AND its only 3 years including pre-reqs! So, it will probably take you the same amount of time to finish your ASN from the CC as it would to get your BSN from Chamberlain.

    Whatever you choose, will all work out though. Either way you are reaching your goals!
  7. by   DanielleNeely
    I am currently a Chamberlain Nursing student. I have tried doing the LPN to RN bridge but they only took people once a year. The thing with Chamberlain is that they have rolling admissions so its throughout the whole year. Chamberlain is ecomonically equivalent to other 4 year programs. Yes, it is fast track program, yes they take a lot of credits from transferring students. But you will work, and work hard. It is not your average 16week course it is 16weeks crammed in a 7 week session the last week which is your 8th are FINALS & HESIs. The other thing is a lot of places are asking their RNs who have associates to go back to school to get the BSN, a lot of facilities don't want the ADN any more. Good luck on you whatever you choose. Just remember it will be worth it in the end.
  8. by   DanielleNeely
    If they take all the transfer credits the soonest anyone can graduate will be 2 years and 8 weeks. Just keep that in mind!! Your going to LOVE Chamberlain.
  9. by   houstonrnhopeful
    As another fellow Chamberlain student, I wanted to say that just because there are no "waitlists" does not mean that you will automatically get accepted or have an easier tim being accepted. Chamberlain has the same entrance requirements as most other nursing programs. And like the other poster said, once accepted you will WORK... The program is great and the resources are plenty but it is by no means easy.
  10. by   houstonrnhopeful
    One last thing, even though they advertise "no waitlist" there still really is. They accept applications on a rolling basis, so once an entrance class is full you are moved to the next available semester start date which is in essence a waitlist. You've been accepted but you have to wait to begin classes until another semester or someone drops. The Houston campus is still pretty new and they are even filling up fast. I've been there almost a year and it's amazing how much the school has grown in such a small amount of time.
  11. by   Kdrenee
    Well when I applied, they let me choose the semester I wanted to start because there was no wait time, and neither semester was full. This is the Houston campus. I could've chosen to start in the summer of fall. I chose fall just to give myself a summer break from class.

    The campus is new so no there are not going to be as many people applying yet like all of the other schools.
  12. by   prettyplay24
    anyone attending the atlanta campus did anyone not get to start the semester they wanted to? if so y
  13. by   nurseaayja
    Quote from prettyplay24
    anyone attending the atlanta campus did anyone not get to start the semester they wanted to? if so y
    I start on May 6th....this is the I wanted and got it with no issues .

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  14. by   Mega hair
    I applied and I'm waiting results from the transcript dept. I hope to stat in may also but I'm going for rn to Bsn. Finance department said all of the book cost were included in the tuition cost, I hope that holds true.good luck to me and you lol