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Hey all!! Just wondering if there are any Houston applicants or current students... What are your thoughts so far about the school???:coollook:... Read More

  1. by   houstonrnhopeful
    Mine does but they become available very rarely... However the nurses self schedule so you could position yourself to work mostly weekends if you needed too. Also you can apply to become a student nurse assistant while in school and work part-time.

    As far as the GN program goes, you don't have to have your license to start just graduate. They give you a few months to sit for your boards.. Most people take them about a month after they start.
  2. by   stash11

    Thanks for your response :-)
    I would love to apply for the student nurse assistant position, what are the requirements to get hired? how much does it pay? can I get hired before school starts? do they help with tuition?

  3. by   houstonrnhopeful
    not sure about the requirements but I do know you have to be in nursing school already..

    You should try to become a PCA (patient care assistant)... You can work part-time, PRN, full-time, nights, weekends, days.. It's on the same lines as a SNA and if you're full-time you are eligble for tuition reimbursement from the hospital. Working in the hospital will give you a leg up on your classmates if you pay attention. The starting pay is crappy like $11.00/hr but after you go toPCA II class you get a $2-$3 raise..

    PCA I- basic patient care, vitals, glucose checks, etc

    PCA II- PCA I skills plus blood draws, foley insertion, ekg/telemetry (depending on floor), order entry, etc
  4. by   stash11
    wow, not bad, I'll definitely apply to the one close to me soon as I get into school, hopefully they can help with tuition, I'll need that, lol
    how much do they offer for tuition reimbursement, any idea?

    Thanks and have a great afternoon
  5. by   houstonrnhopeful
    $2500 a year... plus once you've been there a year you can apply to the nursing fellowship., which will pay you full time for part time work
  6. by   stash11
    that is really awesome, please if you can, please email me (I already PM'd you my email address) with details of how to apply and what areas to look into (I'm looking to apply to ICU) for quick hire, lol, please as I intend to apply soon as school starts. any idea what nursing fellowship pays? is it the same as a GN position?

    thanks so much, I really appreciate all the valuable information you've been providing me with

  7. by   stash11
    Hi houstonrnhopeful

    Hope you've been keeping well. I have some updates will PM you, good news, :-)
    Please any idea how much BSN new grads make at St. Lukes?


    Have a great day
  8. by   stash11
    Hi houstonrnhopeful

    Your inbox is full so couldn't get to reply to you there, I'll try again later maybe you would have cleared it by then :-)
  9. by   ScrubGladiator
    Hey I was wondering if you two have started to attend Chamberlain? What are your thoughts, would you do it all over again?
  10. by   stash11
    Hi there

    not yet, classes start this summer, so we'll know by then, but looking good thus far :-)
    are you applying to Chamberlain Houston?
  11. by   RozziRoz

    I am in the process of applying to Chamberlain CON and would like to know if you like the program so far. I hope I get in! I have a B.S. in Biology( didn't do to well in undergrad) and a Master's in Healthcare administration, but I'm still really worried about the evaluation. Could you please tell me what their experience with the application process was like....from A to Z?

    Thank you!
  12. by   stash11

    The experience was smooth, but they require a 3.0 GPA overall and nursing prerequisites. The second degree BSN is only summer and currently only in Houston. Good thing though is you get one on one attention with everybody student services and all. You can look up other requirements on their website Chamberlain College of Nursing - Nursing Schools with locations in Addison and Chicago, Illinois, Jacksonville and Miramar, Florida, St. Louis Missouri, Columbus, Ohio, Houston, Texas and Arlington, Virginia Nursing School Campuses.. Let me know if you have other questions. It is better to go for the second degree BSN though since you have a Masters degree already.

    Good Luck
  13. by   Jesbustos
    Just curious, how long after you apply to the accelerated program did you get your acceptance?

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