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  1. by   jmfreson0
    It won't let me email unless I have participated in. 15 different topics soooo my first name is Jacqueline and then my last name is in my user name starting with the f. Hopefully you find me!
  2. by   twins_may27
    Hey, can congrats on getting in! Im still waiting to here if I did or not. When did you hear and did you get a call or a letter? Who was your adviser?
  3. by   jade18
    Hi twins_may,

    I'm a student at chamberlain and I'm about to start my fund/health assessment/ patho courses in the next semester. I started in July and I completely understand your anticipation for your acceptance. I received a phone call before I got a letter. I got my phone call the day before orientation after waiting about a month. So I'm sure it varies based on when your advisor submitted your application to the committee. My advice is to contact your advisor because from my experience everyone hears their decision at different times. Good luck! I hope you get accepted!
  4. by   twins_may27
    Thank you very much and congrats on getting in. Its been about a month but feels like a year! And I think it would have gotten submitted later had I not called my advisor (he didnt realize that he had all of my paperwork!!!). So hopfully everything else will run more smoothly. How do you like it so far?
  5. by   jade18
    I totally understand the feeling. I felt like I was getting ulcers because the wait was so stressful. I really like it here so far. I've only had 2 nursing classes and finished my 2 gen Ed's I didn't complete at my other school. The nursing teachers are very helpful. I'm so excited (but a little nervous) to start my cohorts in a couple weeks! I hear the first 2 ( patho/funds/ health assessment and med/surg/pharm) are difficult but I'm up for the challenge! Hope you get good news this week!
  6. by   pamski0069
    Good luck in your cohort!!! I'm just getting out of the cohort you're going into! Stay focused, not at all like 101 or 222! But it's so much fun!
  7. by   jade18
    Thanks pamski! I noticed on the textbook website that we need ALOT of books for next session. Did you use all the suggested books for health assessment, patho, and funds? I understand we need the main text book but the extra study guide books, nursing diagnosis, med terminology, clinical calculations, medical dictionary, drug guide, or diagnostic & lab test ref? It seems like alot of material which further enhances my nerves for this session...
  8. by   pamski0069
    I still use everything BUT the extra study guides. Total waste of money.
  9. by   jade18
    Okie doke! Thank you! I just wanted to start comparing prices on books il need!
  10. by   stephanne
    Does Chamberlain have actual real patient clinicals? Or is it all simulation?
  11. by   pamski0069
    You actually have more clinicals than simulation at chamberlain.
  12. by   twins_may27
    Im in! got the call 5 mins into a 8 hr shift (the longest 8 hrs of my life)
  13. by   stephanne
    Thanks! Someone told me they didnt! Only did the sim labs.