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Hello everyone I was wondering if anybody knew if Chamberlain College online RN to BSN program is approved by the state of California? I am already a RN but want to get my BSN and I want it fast and this school is online and only three semesters. I know that I don't have to take the NCLEX again and all that I am just wondering if the BSN degree would be recognized in California? :confused: Thanks to everyone in advance for your answers and opinions.

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The state boards do not approve or disapprove of any RN to BSN programs.

You do, however, want to make certain they are accredited by one of two accrediting bodies, which are CCNE and NLNAC. I am fairly certain that Chamberlain is CCNE accredited. Honestly, had I looked into RN to BSN programs sooner, I probably would have gone there instead of the local program I am doing, it requires more "in class" time than I enjoy.

I also recently heard of a program through university of texas, which is about 13 months long, and only 6500.

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