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Chamberlain Chicago Fall 2014 acceptance

Hello everyone,

My name is Danielle and I received an acceptance letter this weekend for the Chicago campus. The letter states that I am eligible based on my education and test score. I am really excited to finally be starting nursing school. If you have also been accepted for the fall at the Chicago campus, it would be great to have a few buddies going in lol.

Congratulations! Unfortunately, I applied for the Tinley Park location. I took the Hesi and submitted everything July 18th. How long did it take for you to hear an acceptance?


Congratulations to the both of you! I applied for the Chicago campus as well. My counselor told me I will know their decision by Wednesday at the very latest. I hope to be starting in the Fall too!


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I'll be starting at the Tinley Park location in the fall September 2014!

I'll be starting at the Tinley Park location in the fall September 2014!

Congratulations! This is so exciting! I know the waiting process was nerve wrecking. Did you have credits transferred?


When you get started at Chamberlain, you will love the program. I take an online course right now, graduate in December, and absolutely love it. The courses are organized, to the point, and the instructor's are great! Let me know how far you are in the course.

Congrats! I graduated from chamberlain Addison in may 2013, it's a fast paced and tough program but in my opinion, it's a great education!

Thanks for the feedback! I just found out today I was accepted :roflmao:! I will be attending the Chicago one for sure.


I'm so glad I made the choice to go to Chamberlain.

Hi education2012. Did you work while completing your classes at Chamberlain and do they offer evening classes?


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I am thinking of tansferring here from another nursing school. It stated on their website that transfer credits are on an individual basis. Does anyone know if they will accept them? I have completed all 100 level and 200 level courses.

I'm considering applying to the FNP online program. Does anyone know if Chamberlin is a good school?

I was accepted for the May start at the Chicago Campus. Anyone still working full time in the program? I am depending on it for the tuition reimbursement. Also I have a prior Bachelors degree, can anyone else that has a prior bachelors degree advise me on more options for payment besides private loans?

I dont have answers but I will be starting at the end of August. How are things going so far? Did a lot of your previous credits transfer?

My name is Lizzie and feel free to pm as we are both starting out around the same time. Good luck to us!! Would love to hear from you, I dont know anyone else that is going there or has gone recently.



@nardles81 So far things are going well. The classes are very easy. I am taking NR 101, PHIL 447N(online) and ECON 312N(online). So far I have A's in each class. I have 2 more pre reqs to complete since they didn't accept my history class or cultural diversity. They did take over 30 credits from my previous degree but of course they are a for profit school so they will only take the bare minimum. You almost have a struggle with getting them to accept your pre-requisites. It has knocked significant time off of the 3 years that they anticipate. The school is very expensive but I am lucky enough to be able to still work my full time job for the summer semester (hopefully fall as well) to get tuition reimbursement. I have also applied for several scholarships and waiting to hear back from them. My mom is doing the online BSN-MSN program and she loves it. Shes been a nurse for over 20 years. I also know one other person that is actually finishing up the program so she has been a big help. I can't pm you since I have only recently become a member but feel free to email me if you have any further questions! (jbotwe2@gmail.com).


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