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Challenges with MSN in full swing already...


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...and classes have not even begun yet! Rioting and protests in New York; rioting and protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As my luck would have it, my former college (BSN program) only mails transcripts...no fax, no electronic, no email. I paid the express processing fee weeks ago, only to receive a voicemail yesterday from the receiving university in Minnesota stating that the USPS offices there have been vandalized and burned, and that could be the reason they have not received my documents yet.:banghead:

Classes are starting Monday, June 8th. I contacted my former college and explained the situation, imploring that an exception be made for an alternated method of sending my documents. The answer was that the transcripts could be resent free of charge, but by mail. I'm just in awe. I asked the registrar where did she plan to mail it to? I mean, I'm pretty sure I mentioned that the post office was damaged by fire.:down::cautious:

Long story short, I paid AGAIN for transcripts, this time for overnight delivery. Okay. Cool. Problem with that, I found out AFTER shelling out more dollars, is that because of the unrest in New York, in addition to this virus that's saying, "helloooooo:singing:, I'm still here; I haven't gone anywhere yet":wavey:, the registrar is working from home today and my "overnight" transcripts won't take place until (prayerfully) tomorrow night; and if the UPS driver manages to take the back roads safely into Minneapolis and come in through the back door with my files, the receiving university might get them Friday before the close of business. June start is all washed up.:dead:

Who would have thought that my 'sending' college (New York) and my 'receiving' university (Minnesota) would be playing keep-away with my transcripts? Neither my ASN or BSN degree were acquired drama-free. Why would I think the MSN would be any different? I can only sit here in Georgia and just S:no:-M:no:-H:no:..

It is absolutely amazing how things going on in the world hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles away, can land slap dab in your living room no matter how neutral and peaceful you try to be.... just absolutely amazing!:madface: