Challenge/Mobility Exam


Ok it looks like I'll be having to take the mobility exam in the next semester or so. The question I have what is the best resource to study from since one program I'm already accepted into uses the NLN mobility but the one I will most likely be attending uses a challenge exam based on Med/Surg1

I figured studying from an NCLEX book but my lvn one is gone and I don't want another LVN one. So will studying from an RN Nclex be a good choice. I'm assuming there wont be a lot of LVN specific questions.

Also since I have you here and this thread is all about me right now ;). The school I was attending that I am on a leave of absence from (medical reasons) has given me until Fall 2013 to return but I am considering going the community college route instead.

So WWYD? Continue going to expensive private college with a prestigious reputation or save $20k and go to community college?


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Well, if you knew that the cc program had a seat for you prior to the deadline for the other, the answer might be easy! As for study material, Saunders Comprehensive Review (for RN) if you can't find anything for that specific challenge exam. Good luck.