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Chaffey College-Calling all of you!

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My name is Kimi and I just but my application in for the Augusrt start day. I am new to the area and would love to here some pros and cons about Chaffey College!

It would be greatly appreciated!


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lolasmomma2bLVN has 1 years experience.

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Did you go there? What are the classroom and clinical times? I get my certified letter saying yes or no this week. I'm so nervous!

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Have fun waiting on that letter. I'm in their LVN right now and when our letters didn't show up right away and we started calling they kept postponing when we should expect them. Drove me nuts waiting, but it finally came.

I have one more semester to go and I have to say the VN instructors are awesome. Very supportive and you can tell they actually want everyone to succeed in the program. We started with 30 and have only lost 3 students so far.

The RN program at Chaffey is a different story. The instructors are supposedly really harsh and unfair in that program. I've been told by numerous students that if they don't like you they will find a way to fail you. I've heard it from people who have passed and people who have been dropped.

I plan on bridging to the RN at a different school. That said, the LVN really is great at Chaffey. Classes on non-clinical days start at 9.00am and go until anywhere from 1.00-3.30pm depending on the classes you have that day. Clinical is 7-3pm or some groups have been stuck with 3-11pm.

They also have a skills lab available to go practice in or get help on careplans and such from an RN during certain hours. I know that's been a big help for some of the students.

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