CGFNS VSC Process -- Help!


Good day, Nurses!!!! I have a few questions and I hope this thread could be of help to others also...

Having accepted to work in a rehab hospital in Nevada, I was instructed to start applying for a visa screen certificate. I am lost, though, with regards to the application process. I want to ask my agency but they seem to have their hands full. These questions are quite petty but I have been searching the internet and asking people and the answers I get are different.

Here it goes:

1. What will go with the photo identification form which I will be sending personally to cgfns? Should I include my highschool diploma? What else?

2. The Prc did not confirm that they have already sent my license verif to cgfns (they said they will email me). What should i do?

3. Should I request the IDP to forward my ielts results to cgfns? Or is writing the test date and test form number in the VSC applcn form enough? Can I send the Trf thru email?

4. Do I need to send the same License Verification request form (the one I sent to Prc) to Saipan BoN?

5. I have read in the cgfns handbook that i should not print but sign my entire name on the form. What does that mean?

Any other tips will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance! :yes: