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CGFNS and study materials....................


CGFNS and study materials....................

For clearing CGFNS exam which books or study materials are good ?? Any suggestions from anybody ?? And how should I go about it.

Thanks in Advance



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Hi Sunny...

Try this search engine -- http://www.google.com and type CGFNS

I find the Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice an excellent book.

Is CGFNS a requirement still before entering into nursing practice in the US?

Good luck!;)

Hi Talino,

What do u mean by "Is CGFNS a requirement... ?"

There is any other way one can come to US without clearing

those exams.....



Hi there! You can take the nclex exam without taking the cgfns only on selected state such as florida, california, alaska.

Hope this information will help you.

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hi yana,

kidly give me more deatails about nclex exam ........


For foreign nurses without cgfns certificate you can take the nclex exam in florida or california . Just request for an application form from the State Board Of Nursing I mentioned. Each state has different rules and regulations. In california you don't need for a credential verification however, you must complete a thumbark form. I guess its much easier to apply in the BON of California. If you're interested to apply for the BON of Florida you need an application, CES form for you license verification and credentials verification. It may take 3 mos to 5 mos before your ATT arrives especially if you're applying outside u.s.

I hope these info will help you.


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