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CGFNS + RN grad from Canada

by student456 student456 (Member)


I am very confused with this whole CGFNS exam thing. If you are a graduate from an approved Canadian NS, do I still have to take the CGFNS exam? I have heard michigan doesnt require it from canadians and I am not sure of the other states that do. I know the list of state which require the exam, but it doesnt say if Canadian graduates have to take it (I've read that we don't have to bc our standards are really similar)

Also, if I have to get my NS transcripts approved, how would i go about taking classes and clinical if they say I dont have enough theory/clincal hours for their approval? The reason for this is because my NS doesnt have clincal in pediatrics/ob or mental health unless you luck out and get it (its random who gets placed where in our last 2 years....we could be in peds or ltc, it depends on how many spaces are available) Its not like i can just enroll in a nursing school and start taking clinical....I doubt they would let me.

Are there any states in which as long as you take the NCLEX exam and pass you can apply for licensure? Or do they ALL require transcript verification if your Canadian. I am worried that I will not be able to move to the US at all after I graduate.

Well I am assuming it is possible because I know alot of canadian grads move to the us so I am sure there is a way...


Moved your thread to the International Forum where it is more appropriate for what you are asking.

Now to your questions:

A few things that you do not understand about licensure in the US:

You need to apply to a BON for licensure as an RN and get approval from them to be able to sit for the NCLEX-RN. You do not sit for it beforehand and then apply for licensure as you need approval directly from the BON to be able to sit for the exam.

There are only about a four or five states in the US that still require the CGFNS exam, so that should not be a concern of yours. But the fact that you did not have clinical and theory hours in all of the required areas; but that surprises me as well since your own government requires it for licensure there as well.

If you find that you need the hours, you can make them up as a guest student in a community college here in the US. Are you actually able to apply for licensure in your country without having those clinical hours completed as well?

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