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I applied for CGFNS CES. My all document was received and waiting for final review. After around 4 months CGFNS sent me the email saying " We realized that clock (credit) hours are not listed on the transcript we received from your school, ONLY GRADES/MARKS. We need course hours in order to continue our review. The reason that this request is so important we need to determine the weight that each course is worth. Grades/Marks only provide us with the applicant's total ranking in the course content."

I am confused what they really mean. what should i do? How do i prepare the document they need? Please anyone help me.

Waiting for your suggestions.

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Hey R-una,

A line in your transcript should look something like this:

"Pharmacology, 3 credits, graded x"


"Clinical practice (med-surg), 9 credits, graded x"

This way the CGFNS will know how many credits and hours each course consisted of.

In my case, this one pharmacology course was 80 hours and Clinical Practice was 240 hours. I'm counting based on my country where 1 credit = 27 hours but this will vary from country to country.

Your school should have this information for you as your school is the instance that comes up with the curriculum based on national standards.

Ask them to provide you with a detailed transcript document.

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