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CGFNS post office pick up?

Pamela0 Pamela0 (New) New

I'm from the Philippines and I understand that one of the requirements for cgfns-ces application is to have my license verified. I went to PRC and finished it by November 17 and they mailed it thru regular mail (philpost). I tracked my documents online and it said in usps that it is at the Philadelphia postoffice ready for pickup.

Aren't all documents supposed to be sent directly to cgfns and will they pickup my documents in the post office? Did PRC or the delivery system make a mistake by chance? :( Please help!

Hello. I have exact same issue now... Can you please share how you solved this problem??


hi, any update regarding this issue ? do cgfns pick up mail in post office? 

Yes. They received the mail a few days later since I posted this message here. 

Thanks for the reply. I was planning to call USPS to have it re-deliver. I guess, I just need to wait. 


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