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Who can tell me about CGFNS exam in USA? It is said that who can pass that exam can work in USA, is that true? How can pass the exam and how can work in USA?

Thanks :)


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Go to the google search engine (, type in CGFNS, and you'll find some good information.


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Dear Chinaway,

This is my first letter to write in this BB. I feel I may share with you some of my past experience.

I was a RN in Hong Kong, and due to the 1997, I migrated to USA and continue my nursing profession here.

CGFNS is required before you apply for RN Examination, known as "NCLEX" for the most states in USA except California,Florida, NewYork and one more, I could not remember. I think, probably there is center for CGFNS TEST CENTER in China, that I am not 100% sure. Hong Kong is one of the test center. Since the Commission for Graduates of Foreign Nursing School (CGFNS) tries to compare the educational/ clinical requirement for NCLEX in USA standard with the foreign nursing schools before you are allowed to take the test. I took the test,CGFNS, in Hong Kong in 1991 and passed, before I took my NCLEX in Los Angles.

The Test includes the Mutiple Choices Questions in Medical, Surgical, Pediatric, Psychiatric and Obsterical Nursing plus Test of English (TOEFL) , and required to pass at least 500 in score before a certificate issued to you.

Some hospitals may hire those foreign nurses with Certificate of CGFNS, as it is believed close to NCLEX, while waiting for the NCLEX.

Things changed a bit now. If you are in the states I mentioned above, you may just take the NCLEX directly without the CGFNS, but not the other states and still require you to take CGFNS first.

Nowaday, thanks to the internet technology, information search is much easier. By the way, I believe the pay in USA for nurses is the best, and you can immgrate to USA based on RN qualification, almost 99%.

Good luck to you, and if I could answer your questions, please reply, and I try to answer.


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Hi, jackinthebox

Thanks for your useful information. I was a nurse in China, P.R.A. I know there is a CGFNS test center in Hong Kong. I want to apply for that exam and work in US in the furture. But I had a very big problem.

I have worked in hospital for five years, after that, I worked in a clinic as a nurse and now I left this possesion for one year. My nursing license has been invalid since I left hospital and can't be re-registered again unless I go back to hospital. But now it seems impossible for me.

Can I apply for the exam if I only possess a invalid nursing license and a four years nursing education diploma?

Thanks a lot.



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Dear Chinaway,

I was surprised to know that: you are not working in the hospital, and working in the clinic, then you are no longer a nurse?!. I know in Hong Kong and here in USA that once you are a RN, then you always are, unless you did not renew your license or fialed to meet the required continuous education credit, 30 hrs in California, then, you became "inactive" but not "invalid". There is a difference between these two. IMG]:rooeyes:[/img]

On the other hand, if you are no longer a RN in China, how can you be working there? And if you have a invalid RN license, then it does not sound right to ask another country to give a valid licnese to practise in that country? Don't you think so?

First thing first, check your Board of Nursing about the status of your RN registration or licnese whether it is active or inactive.


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