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I’m an internationally educated nurse with an active current license in Massachusetts . I am currently trying to have my license endorsed in California. In order to have my transcripts ect sent to the California state-board I had to pay cgfns for a re-evaluation. Has anyone gone through this process? How long did it take in more recent times?



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Haven't done this but think I might need to as I have a NY license trying to apply to MD. Please let me know of any updates you have, I'm worried my CES report will be deficient - I didn't realise I had to do a whole other CES report just to endorse! Good luck.

Apparently you have to apply for a reevaluation and then it is sent to the state board of your choosing. All of this is based on the requirements of your state board. MD may not require you to do all of that. Your license from NY might be enough. 

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Thanks, I have since found out that MD does require a CES report for international nurses. However, I have asked my agency if I can endorse to another compact state (such as Texas) which does not require the CES, in order to be eligible to work in MD that way. All the best with your CES re-evaluation, I'll let you know of any updates from my end!

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