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Hello nurses,

I am a foreign RN and applied for CGFNS CES in 2019 and after approval mail from CGFNS, took the NCLEX in November  2020 for Texas BON. Few weeks back I accepted a position for RN in the US and started my immigration journey but the Texas BON portal shows that my CES report is pending and I am unable to find my name in the Nursys registry. My CGFNS portal says that my CES report is issued and I also got a mail that they will send my report to Texas BON in 2020. In my CGFNS CES applicant report it says some of my documents are pending but while looking at my correspondence mails, they have received all my documents.

CGFNS is very hard to reach as they reply the mail after 8-10 days and haven't been providing any concrete answers. 

Would anyone explain me what went wrong with my application and any possible solution?

Thanks in advance. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Hi. I'm sorry that you're having problems. I would be furious too.

1. That is just weird that the CGFNS ?haven't sent your CES report to the Texas BON in 2020. Technically, if they issued a CES report then there shouldn't be pending documents to review. Unless there are documents needing update but you submitted them in 2019 and received report already in 2020. If you were able to take NCLEX under Texas BON then the Board should have received your CES report to grant you ATT to take NCLEX and received the result when you passed. Something is missing in translation here.

2. You cannot see your name on Nursys yet until the Texas BON released your license and you can see it first via their website If you're deficiency is just the CES report, you might need to inquire from the Texas Board as well. 

Good Luck ?

I got a question regarding my CES report, mine expired at 2019. Do I have to do a new process or renew procedure 

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On 11/5/2022 at 4:25 AM, Officenurse24 said:

CES report expired 2019. Do I have to do a new process or renew procedure 

Hi. Nothing to renew or whatever if you don't need CGFNS CES report unless the BON you are currently applying requires it. CGFNS will tell you what documents needed update.

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Hello Nurses, 

I am a indian and I lived in a india.I plan to go USA by clearing NCLEX RN exam. I decided I will go through the sponser viss .  than I applied CES process for California NCLEX RN exam and I completed the application process and delivered my documents to usa on 28 Nov 2022. But my status still stayed in waiting for required items. When I will receive my CES report?


British Council has sent my IELTS(Academic) result electronically since January 4, 2023 but CGFNS is yet to update my result despite the fact that I have updated my profile with the TRF number and other related details. How long does it take CGFNS to update my english test result on my profile please?

Thank you

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