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Hey everyone,

I have applied for the ADN program at Cape Fear Community College for the Fall of 2017. I recently took my PSB-RN and I just got my scores back today after anxiously awaiting the results. I was looking to see if anyone else that has applied for CFCC this Fall would also like to share their experiences and point count totals so we can try to get through this wait together. I am overjoyed with my results and wish everyone the best of luck!

Hi Alexander the Great :)

I have also applied for fall '17. I was totally stressed over the PSB but managed to pull 97th percentile. I am hoping that with that score and all my prerequisites complete that I will get in. I'm going to attend the info session this afternoon and snag those extra 2 points :)

The wait to find out whether we are accepted or not is already making me crazy!!

Good luck!!!!


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You scored in the 97th percentile in everything? That's great. I managed to score in the 95th percentile if I averaged all of my percentiles together. I have also completed all of my co-requisites for the Nursing Program and just submitted an application to Brunswick Community College just in case I did not make it into the program at CFCC.

I should've said co-reqs :) previous school had all those classes as pre-reqs. Couldn't even apply before they were completed.

For the PSB - 97 was my average. I had from 95 - 99 in the individual areas. My lowest was 95 for the vocational.

Good luck with your applications! Hoping you get into one of them.

I'm in Jacksonville, so I didn't apply any further than Wilmington due to commute.

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You rocked the PSB! My lowest was 88 for the Vocational one.

I do not believe either of us will have any trouble getting accepted to CFCC to be honest.

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I went to my pre-assessment screening today for the ADN program and came out with 372.5 points. Now for the waiting game.

You will most definitely get in with that score! Good luck! It's an awesome program! Rigorous but worth it!

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Thanks a lot for the reassurance! I was already accepted to one program but I really want in at CFCC because it's a lot closer and I enjoyed going to that school. I know a couple of people currently in the program there too and they told me they absolutely love it there.

Hi! That's a great number. I pretty much maxed out my points with a 382.5. I went in yesterday for count review. All my previous coursework was completed at another school out of state so I wanted to be sure I got all my credit. I'm excited!! Hoping to get that acceptance letter soon.

On another note, I know no one at CFCC. So, if anyone that gets in or has applied wants to meet up at some point between now and the fall semester let me know!!

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The max, I'm fairly certain, is right around 388.5 and judging by the past threads of point counts that were accepted... I'd say we'd both likely get in. I was told there was roughly 285 individuals that were contacted for point counts.

They no longer require applicants to score in the 30th percentile for spelling which would weed out some individuals in prior years. I feel really confident with my score. Also, I'm thinking we will find out the first week of March because the last day for point count is the 23rd of February if I'm thinking correctly.

Wow, you guys have amazing point counts! I had hoped to get in this year but my point count was only 334.5. That was enough to make it in last year, but after seeing your posts on here of 382, wow! Guess I'll not be getting that invitation to the program this yearí ½í¸ž Best of luck to you all!

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