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I was wondering what the difference is between CEU's (Continuing Education Units) and CNE's (Continuing Nursing Education Credit)...

My continuing education credits have always been called CEU's.

Could CNE's be a Canadian or some other country's term for what we consider CEU's?

The way I found the CNE term was while surfing the net tonight I went to the CDC website and found they offer some free continuing education programs. When applying for the credit you must check a box describing the type of credit you want.

1. CNE's

2. CME's

3. CEU's

(The CME's are for physicians... I understand that.)

What was interesting is that the CNE's offered larger credits than the CEU's... for example the same course would offer "1.6 contact hours" for CNE's, yet would offer "0.1 hour CEU's".

Since I've always used CEU's I will check that box when applying for credit, but I was just wondering...

Does anyone know the difference between CNE's and CEU's?

Thanks for any information... I'm a curious kind of girl...



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I looked at the Kansas BON and Texas sites and CNE seems to be what the continuing nursing education hours are currently being called.

Thinking back on it....I recall seeing some places where nurses, dieticians, physical therapists could all attend but got differing numbers of hours......I *wonder* if CME is for doctors, CEU for ancillary, and CNE for nurses is the trend?


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I'm 99.99999999% sure CNE's are not Canadian...we don't have that type of system in place yet...


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I just got my renewal form for my RN license and it states that I am required to have a specific number of "CEUs" for license renewal.


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Thank you all for your responses. It's a very curious thing isn't it?

I think I will contact our Alabama Board of Nursing to see what they have to say on the matter. They also use the terminology "CEUs" when telling us how many we need for license renewal, etc.

Thanks again. I hope maybe someone else has a clue for us!

It's a mystery for now!

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