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Is it possible to look up how many CEU hours I have already accrued? If so what website can I go to, to look them up?

That information would be kept by each individual provider, so, unless you got all your CEUs from a single provider, it would be a lot of effort to track all that info down after the fact. Most of us keep track of that ourselves, as we go (that's why you get the little certificates for completing programs, with the number of hours specified). It's a good idea to get in the habit of having one file/location where you keep all those certificates, so you have them all right at hand when you need them.

CE Broker is the site that contracted with FL BON to keep track of all FL nurses hours. I cannot find my paper that has the address for it at the moment but I believe you will find the link to CE Broker on the BON website.


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I live in Alabama, and the Alabama Board of Nursing website lists all the CEU's you have earned, if they have been reported. If not, there is a place on the website to enter the CEU's you have completed if they have not been entered by the provider. You may want to go to your board of nursing website to check and see if this service is offered by your state. Hope this helps!!:heartbeat

Ahh, my mistake -- I wasn't aware that some state BONs offer a central location for that info. Ya learn something new every day! :)

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