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Dear All,

I am Alvara, a nurse from Italy. I’m applying for a RN license in Illinois. CGFNS sent my CES report more than 4 weeks ago (May 13th) and still no answer. I tried to contact them by both email and phone my no one is able to telling me how long I have to wait.

did anyone experience the same delay?

thank you guys ! 


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Hi there, 


I applied for Illinois Board of Nursing August 24 ( my application and check of 50$ arrived to IDFPR). No news about that so fare... Is true that I have to wait 4 weeks to get my license? I passed NCLEX-RN July 22 2022.

I have tried to register for an account with IDFPR and for my email address there is other name linked. What`s going on?!!?!?


Can someone explain what is going on?   


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Hi, did you get your RN license? I am also applying for a license to IDFPR.

CGFNS sent my CES report more than 2 weeks ago. I am wondering how long it will take to get my RN license. 


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My exam was hard for me. I ended up with all 145 questions, but I passed. Thank God!

As per my license, I needed to wait for 1 month or so for the official results for passing the NCLEX to be sent to my home by regular mail from Continental Testing Service Inc. After that I signed the paper paid the license fee, and send it to IDFPR.  Then it took the IDFPR from August to October to issue my Illinois license.

Overall, it was 4 months for me. Be sure to call the CGFNS and ask them to put in a request for your official results for NCLEX even though you fill out the part with your personal profile information. That was the process for me.

Good Luck, and enjoy your victory for passing the NCLEX!