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CES mandatory courses

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Hey again guys

sorry for the making a second thread in only a week but I have another concern. I notice on the cgfns website that they have list of mandatory courses that my school should give account for as it relates to theory and clinical hours. I was under the impression that it was just the 5 core courses; pediatrics, obstetrics, mental healthhealth, med medsurg and leadership in nursing. Now I'm seeing neurology,physics chemistry health assessment, nutrition and long term care nursing.

The problem is I did my neurology in med surg it wasn't a separate course. Physics wasn't in my program at all, and the closes thing we did to chemistry was biochemistry. Also health assessment was apart of fundamentals of nursing. Will cgfns require me to go back to school for these courses? or is my eligibility to sit nclex solely contingent on the states bon? Do I even meet the bare minimum criteria to qualify as a general nurse in America?

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