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Hi ! Has anyone ever heard of or have any reviews for CES College in burbank? Im looking for a good lvn program any feedback is greatly apreciated :)

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Don't try to be something you're not. If you are a new nurse, act like a GOOD nurse: carry a notepad and several pens, and jot down changes you note throughout the shift. Do not discount charting THROUGHOUT your shift as well. Also, some nurses/facilities chart by exception only. If the patient had clear lung sounds at 0800 but has swelling of the limbs and crackles at 1300, you'd start your nursing interventions and documentation on that patient. This, of course, depends on your facility - check your policy and procedures before you "chart only by exception."

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1st you want to make sure any LVN program you attend is accredited by the BON. 2nd, I would look online to see reviews. Think long about it cause being an LVN isn't easy & finding a job is even harder. There are posts on here to keep you busy for months in relation to what I just stated. Good luck in whatever you decide.

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Moving to CA State Nursing Programs for a more targeted response.

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