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Hi all,

My question is regarding the CES report issued by the CGFNS. I am in month 11 of the 12 month window and they supposedly need one last piece of info required to complete their review process (they reviewed it once and found missing info).

Anway to make a long story short, I know the answer is 0 hours but I guess they need my University to tell them officially it's 0. :banghead:

I scheduled a walk-in meeting to review what they have next week. I can't wait. :no:

My question is once the CES review is done, and you have deficiencies, what do they recommend? Do they give recommendations on what course is required before they let you take the NCLEX-RN or are you left to fend for yourself with that report...like going to nursing schools and asking to take the deficient course?

Thanks for any info!

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I think they will send it to the BON and they will make their decision but also may make some suggestions


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hi! gud pm..just want to ask again some questions about CES report..

I applied ces review online yesterday..I tried to used my mothers credit card for payment but somethings wrong I don't know what the reason..but according to cgfns since hand multipled errors I need to make a bank cheque for the payment insted of credit card..

My question is will I need to send an application form to the cgfns? Or I dont need that anymore since I already applied online?

If yes..will I send this form together with my bank checque and check voucher?

hope you can help me..thanks...

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