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I have been asked to provide ways for each discipline in my hospital to acquire their needed hours. We utilize the Peak Newsletters and have some inservices that offer contact hours. I am in the process of compiling a listing of current web sites that offer courses. Does anyone have any suggestions as to other options? Thanks :)


I know of a few I can send them to you

since I live overseas a good bit I have alot of sites that do a considerable amount via internet



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That would be great! You can send them to my email at: [email protected]

Any ideas or suggestions will be explored. Thanks for your help!!:)


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Nella, I would love to network with you in building your ceu's.

Can I ask you what state do you live in? Assumming you are in the USA. You can email me for a quicker response. [email protected]

I provide ceu's to my staff and may be able to help you.


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