Cervical screening barriers/policies


Hi,Im doing my dissertation on barriers to cervical screening and i wanted some of the key documents and government policies in order to read around my subject. so far i have

  • the cancer reform strategy
  • the nhs cancer plan
  • improving outcomes: a strategy for cancer

Are there any particulary useful documents i could look up that anyone is aware of. I am looking at the barriers to screening in europe and the usa

thanks in advance

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I would look at ACOG's pap screen guidelines. They revised it in 2012, to start at age 21, with paps q 3 years (for normal paps) until age 30, and cotesting q 5 years from ages 30-64.

I would also say that a barrier to care is the opposition from many Republican leaders to add the Gardasil vaccine to the "required" childhood vaccine schedule.